Fredericksburg scene #1: Ulman's, Goolrick's and Carl's

This small painting was my first attempt at capturing the nostalgic nature of the Old Town area of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Ulman's Jewelry opened in 1928 and is still operated by the Ulman family. Goolrick's Pharmacy, located next door at the corner of George Street and Caroline Street, opened in 1869 and boasts the oldest soda fountain in continuous use in America. The creamery truck is headed down the street towards Carl's Ice Cream stand. Since the 1940's, Carl's Electro-Freeze machines have been turning out fresh frozen custard that still has crowds lining up around the block.

Casey Alan Shaw
Ulman's, Goolrick's and Carl's, 2010.
Acrylic on canvas; 10 x 8 in.